These rules establish uniform requirements for all members and guests using the exercise room and the equipment contained therein. The primary consideration in establishing these rules is the safety, health and comfort of members and their guests.


FC-1     All members and guests wishing to utilize the exercise facility must sign a waiver of liability. Use of this facility is a personal choice and therefore use is at your own risk.

FC-2     The Club is not responsible for injuries incurred by members and their guests while using the facility.

FC-3     Members should consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

FC-4     Equipment orientation is required before initial use of the Fitness Center.

FC-5     Use of the exercise room is open to members and guests only.

FC-6     The room is available seven days per week between the hours of 6:00am – 9:00pm.

FC-7     Read and follow any instructions that may be posted with the exercise equipment.

FC-8     It is the responsibility of all members and guests using the exercise room facility to familiarize themselves with these rules. Use of this facility is a personal choice and therefore use is at your own risk.

FC-9     No children under the age of 16 are permitted in the Fitness Center unless they are working with a trainer or they have been “certified” by a trainer.

FC-10   Please secure all valuables. The Club is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

FC-11   Members are not permitted to bring their own personal trainers to the Fitness Center. All trainers and other fitness-related services can be booked through The Salus Group, Inc. For personal trainer information, please visit the fitness professionals section located on the Club’s website at  quakerridgegc.org.


FC-12    Guests are not allowed in the Fitness Center at this time.


FC-13    Members may access the fitness facility through any Clubhouse door during regular business hours.

FC-14    Members wishing to use the facility outside of regular business hours may access the room using a mobile access pass. Please contact Jesica Lopez at jesica@quakerridge.org, to obtain your mobile pass.


FC-15    Proper gym attire includes sneakers; pants, shorts, or leggings; and tops. Cut-offs are not allowed. All other dress code rules apply.

FC-16    Clean athletic shoes are required. Tennis shoes that have been worn on Har-Tru tennis courts and golf shoes are not permitted in the Fitness Center. Members are responsible for ensuring that workout shoes are clean and dry.


FC-17    Cell phones are permitted in conjunction with an exercise app or use of personal music (see note below).

FC-18    Personal music devices used in the exercise room shall be permitted only with the use of earphones.


FC-19    Report any damage or non-operability of the equipment or potentially hazardous conditions to the locker room attendant or club manager immediately.

FC-20    Food and beverage are not permitted in the Fitness Center. Water is the only exception.

FC-21    If someone is waiting to use your machine, please allow them the use of the machine between sets.

FC-22    Aerobic machines are to be used no longer than 30 minutes when others are waiting.

FC-23    Members must wipe down machines after use. Perspiration and sweat left on the machines will lead to corrosion and will shorten the life span of the equipment. There are containers of equipment wipes throughout the Fitness Center.

FC-24    Please put away weights, mats, and other equipment after using and place towels in bins after use.