Hole 1
Par 5



527 yards

  Member: 510 yards
  Forward: 417 yards
  Handicap: 7

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The first of the two Quaker Ridge par 5s favors the player who can keep his tee shot in the air for at least 250 yards. The fairway plateaus at that point, and an extra 25 to 30 yards will be gained by those who can carry the up-slope, thus being able to reach the green in two. A large, yawning cross bunker about 50 yards short of the green and about 15 feet deep forces other players to lay up and play a wedge into one of the course’s most challenging greens, which slopes severely from back to front and slightly less from side to side, with no easy pin positions. The dramatic nature of this green provides the true defense for this short par 5: Balls putted from above a lower pin position will usually run off the front of the green, often resulting in three putts or more. Relatively deep bunkers frame the lower portion of the green, left and right. 
   The ideal spot to play the 100- to 120-yard third shot is from the left side of the fairway, looking at the length of the green in a straight line.