Hole 7
Par 4



437 yards

  Member: 416 yards
  Forward: 368 yards
  Handicap: 3

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The preferred shot off the tee is a good, strong left-to-right drive to the middle of the fairway, as the hole bends in that direction. Many strong drivers who can control a draw, however, will take their tee shot, sometimes with a 3-wood, over the right-hand corner and over out-of-bounds trees to the flat area before the stream. Two cross-bunkers frame the fairway about 85 yards out. Play is to an elevated green, deeply bunkered left and right, with a shallow bunker guarding the out-of-bounds behind. The green features a false front that many times will return a pitch or a longer fairway shot to the bottom of the hill, some 25 yards away. The green features a predominant back-to-front orientation, with a small knob in the left-center. Although No.6 is listed as the No. 1 handicap hole, and No.7 is the No. 3 handicap, these difficulty positions could be transposed.
   In the 1920 exhibition match, Vardon followed his 3 on No. 6 with another 3 on No.7. Even today that would be a considerable feat, although he accomplished it with hickory shafted clubs and less-thanperfectly- round gutta percha balls. Many in the know consider No. 7 the equal to No.6.