Hole 13
Par 3



234 yards

  Member: 209 yards
  Forward: 181 yards
  Handicap: 14

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The longest of the par 3s plays 234 yards downhill. The large deception bunker, about 25  yards short of the green and running diagonally from left to right, should not come into play for the stronger player. On the championship tee, the near side of the right “deception” bunker appears to be directly fronting the green, but is really some 60 yards from the front of the putting surface. A classic Tillinghast device he learned from camouflage experts in the Boer War and World War I, the hole toys with a player’s depth perception. A tee shot finding the right green-side bunker still leaves par within reach; however, misses right of the bunker will be severely short-sided and almost certainly lead to a bogey. The green is traversed diagonally by a trough from front-left to back-right, which makes this one of the most challenging greens to read. 
   While this photo of the “green-side” deception bunkers was taken from an elevated view, from the teeing ground, unbelievably, this bunker appears to be right on the front edge of the green although the back right edge of the bunker is some 60 yards from the front edge of the green!